Lornelane Welsh Springer Spaniels 

Extended Family

Welcome to my Photo Album.
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These are photos of dogs who have been part of our family or part of the family of others. It is always a pleasure for us to be told of the exploits of the Lornelane offspring.

Ch. Welkin Rosa Mundi (imp.NZ) 1995/2006.Owned by Lornelane and Tim Salisbury.
Goldmaid Humite Girl. 1993/2006.Owned by Lornelane/bred by Debbie Meagher.
Ch.Cobcroft Clan Heather. 1995/2008. Owned by Lornelane,bred by Sylvia Brackman
Lornelane Fablen Fantasy AD TD JD JDX.(Tybion)
Loved member of the Collins family
Ch.Lornelane Spellbinder.1997/2011.
Owned by P.&L.Griffiths, Redhedz kennels South Australia
Ch.Lornelane Folly n Fable. Owned by the Thomas family NSW
Ch.Lornelane Lady On Stage and Robyn Fitzgerald. Sydney Royal 2014.
Ch.Lornelane Spellbound(1996/2013),owned by Lisa Blackwell,Dellkarn kennels Victoria
Lornelane Llindisfarne (Lindi).Owned by Bobbie Hitchcock (Rhiwderin kennels)
Ch. Lornelane Faerie Fantasy(Meg) owned by P&L Griffiths and J&S Nickolds.
Hermione and Summer Harrison.
Sophie Blackburn
Laila and her boys.
Taffy Blackburn
Harriet and Gwenny Ashton
Olwen Wakefield
Bella Lloyd and friend.
The Williams family.
Roscoe Calandra.
Merlin Wagemakers with Justin and Lucy.
Sonny and the Murray family
Sam Smith
Missy(Toilet paper? What toilet paper?)Harvey.
Tully Rodd and family
Digger Tierney at home.
Lizzie and Darcy Heathwood
Ruby and Grace Ellis
Bailey Clews having a workout with friend Hexe.
Georgie Wright
Rusty Chamberlain.
Nemo (aka Captain) Skousen in a rare quiet moment.
Happy 1st. birthday for Bella Nicetin
Red Blome
Alisons Brennin in an Adelaide autumn.
Jasper Kavanagh
Now thats a bird dog! (Brennin)
Meg Chenoweth
Pinot Thomson
Toby Armstrong
Angus Blackmore
Pagan and her lovely girls, Grace and Hannah Humphris.


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