Lornelane Welsh Springer Spaniels 

About the Breed

                                                           Lornelane Just Magic (Remy) owned by Alan and Leigh Young.  


  The Welsh Springer spaniel was acknowledged  officially as a breed by the UK Kennel  Club in 1902. However written and anecdotal evidence dates them much earlier then this.
     Originally used to flush game for the hunter they (like most of the gundog breeds) have become devoted family members. The breed is very sociable, cheerful and friendly. They are a dog that makes a great family companion suiting both the experienced and inexperienced dog owner. They are intelligent, quick to learn, responsive and eager to please which makes for easier training. In order to instill confidence in new puppies, early socialisation (eg.puppy pre school) is recommended. The Welsh loves to be with his family and needs to be very interactive with that family. This is not a dog for those that want an aloof pet, or for those with little time to spend with their dog. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is very affectionate but also very sensitive so training methods must always be calm and positive.
    The breed gets along well with other pets and with children although of course small children should always be supervised. They are reserved when it comes to strangers and will generally bark to raise the alarm if they think something is amiss, making them effective watchdogs. 
    An excellent pet for active people they will return your time and company with total loyalty and devotion. 


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Jan MacLean
Herons Creek, NSW, Australia
Phone : (02)65857000
Email : [email protected]

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